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Founded in 1920, Himani has been an active propotent of Ayurveda.The Himani Ayucare range has been Developer as an aid to holistic natural good living, to take care of your body – tus enabling you t olead a healthier and comparatively stress free life.Himani Ayucare products are manufactured Ander stringent quality control norms, to ensure their purity and efficacy.

Himani is concious of its responsibility towards the environment.To ensure that Nature’s bounties may flor without bounds and to help maintain environmental balance,the company has taken the initiative to promote and support herb cultivation through organic farming. 

The present range of Himani Ayucare, comprising lifestyle – enhancing single ingredient supplements for healthier living,Hill soon be augmented with a range of dietary suppliments, herbal tea and several other Ayurvedic healthcare products.Thus,you World have a Wide gamut of healthcare products to meet your everday healthcare needs – from solutions to minor ailments to lifestyle enhancing supplements.

     Products of Ayurveda

We are representative for distribution of products of Ayurveda in Spain.  Oils, lotions, tooth paste, creams, natural medication. 
    Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurvedic treatments differ from the majority of conventional cures in its unique approach towards healing. The principle of treating the sick and not the sickness is central to all forms of ayurvedic treatments. Rather than trying to cure a disease in isolatation, ayurveda takes into account an individual in his entirety.

"Samadosha samagnischa samadhatu malakriya Prasanna atma manah swastha itih abhidhiyate."

Having a balanced state of doshas, agni (digestive fire), dhatus (tissues) normal functioning of mala (waste products), cheerful state of atman (soul), sensory organs and mind are the symptoms of healthy life.


Ayurvedic treatments lay emphasis on examining the doshas/prakriti or the natural states of individuals before proceeding. The prakriti or the physical constitution, susceptibility to diseases, mental make-up and lifestyle of an individual is ascertained in accordance to the elemental constitution of the larger prakriti or the universe.
    Course of ayurveda

Of course, ayurveda has drawn the most comprehensive picture of human body and the natural world, saying that, the elements of the nature—the Panchamahabhuts: kshit (earth), ap (water), marut(air), tejas (fire), and vyoma (space or ether or akash), are also, the components of human body,which are manifested in three types of physic—kaph (water/earth), pitta (fire), vata (ether/ air).

These three types are further recognized by ayurveda as tridoshas or the three faults—vata, pitta and kapha irregularities. The smooth functioning of the body is hampered owing to the imbalances in the three doshas (prakriti) causing all kinds of diseases..
Ayurveda takes into consideration the body, mind and soul of an individual as the unit for diagnosis. Hence, it recognizes negative emotions like anger, fear, insecurity, jealousy and greed as incorrect thinking on the part of an individual. These can directly create an imbalance in the doshas. Sattva, or peaceful equilibrium, rajas, or excessive activity and tamas, or inertia—the three tendencies or gunas of mind influence the imbalances in the three doshas. Hence the mind-body imbalance impairs the creative functioning of man.