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Sushila devi
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Shobha Lad, vaidya or reader of the pulse “the true health are in the harmony between body, mind and spirit” Exists only “the invasive” medicine that one that, essentially, we practiced in the West? It is obvious that this is not the case, and in fact, other civilizations practice the treatment of the body combining technical or applying different therapies. Ayurveda has to do with the act of trying to cure to that is ill, reason why, in this occasion, it presents a medical instructor of that other medicine that deals with just like the doctors of the West: to find the harmonic balance of the human being in such a way that it does not suffer. As a brief dictionary a glossary is looked up so that the words that are used are not mistaken.

Shobda Lad is vaidya, or reader of the pulse, and licensed in History of Ayurveda by the University of Madhya Pradesh. Seven generations of ayurvedic doctors have instructed her. Been born in India, from early age it grew in a vedantic atmosphere of familiar tradition and learned with yoguini Jadava Devi, his great-grandmother, who lived in the Himalayas and maintained the traditions of the great teachers of the Prohibitions, she died in 1991, at the age of 127 years. For 35 years, Shobha Lad has applied the medical knowledge that since being a young girl she received directly from their great-grandmother, her grandmother, their mother and others yoguinis of the Himalayas. 18 years ago, she decided to bring to Europe the ayurvedic knowledge, and so founded the Shobha lad Institute, that has implanted its SEDES by all the continent, in cities like Paris, Franckfurt, London, Lisbon. In east Spain Institute is present in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Santander, Mallorca, Mahón and Las Palmas of Gran Canaria. In Valencia, where she lives at the moment, Shobha Lad practices ayurvedic medicine. She is also the ayurvedic yoga professor  in the Polytechnical University of Valencia.

Choosing one or the other form to be cured is allowed and, if the possibility of a second opinion exists now - this possibility comes determined by law, with the object of the patients welcomed in the Social Security-, what prevents to think, besides its legal regulation, to add to our mentality other opinions and the possible admission of this practice like potentially good for our health? Patients can now choose their form of treatment with coverage by the social security system. People have the freedom to choose the method they think will best help them.

Lets take a look then, at a brief background of the Ayurvedic tradition. The pioneer in bringing to Europe the secrets of Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India has been for 17 years in Valencia applying his treatments. The total harmony between the health of the body, mind and spirit is the essence of the millenarian Hindu medicine, Ayurveda. All the secrets and lessons of this medicine have been transmitted in the India from mothers to daughters, generation after generation, during centuries and continuing this sacred vedantic system.